Why Study Visual Art Education?

Visual Art Education lets you make your own art, and develop your own artistic skills, all while helping pre-K through 12th graders develop their own creative expression. Visual Art Education requires interaction and collaboration, so USF gives you opportunities to work with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds.

USF’s Visual Art Education program emphasizes 2-D and 3-D studio art classes, with an additional emphasis on art history. There’s flexibility, so you can take the classes and develop the skills you want.

But, is it right for me?

We asked our professors and they said art teachers:

  • Work well with other people
  • Easily learn new technology
  • Quickly solve problems

Skills You'll Obtain

Experience preparing lesson plans and teaching classes

Teaching concepts for elementary, middle, and high school certification

Readiness to begin a career as a visual art educater

After Graduation

Your student teaching experience and the on-campus community art classes expose you to a variety of school settings and types of students. When you graduate, you’ll know what kind of school you want to work for, and you’ll be ready to do it.

Types of places you may work after you graduate include:

  • Private and public schools
  • Pre-K – High schools
  • Non-profit arts organizations