Studio Art (MA)

Ceramic bowl being made

This one-of-a-kind graduate program will give you the creative drive, technical mastery, and support to take your art to the next level. Its flexible format and individualized approach results in a highly-personalized experience. By choosing one of six concentrations, you can tailor the degree to your fit your artistic goals, while exploring opportunities in your chosen medium.

Flexible in structure, the M.A. in Studio Art curriculum can be completed in two or three years, giving you the autonomy to balance your responsibilities.

Choose your medium! Concentrations in:

  • 2-D Studio: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Illustration
  • 3-D Studio: Ceramics, Metalcraft, Fibers, Sculpture
  • Photography: Digital, Traditional Darkroom, Lighting, Digital Imaging

As a student, you not only cultivate your talent, but you connect with professional artists. I graduated with a strong sense of community and a network I could turn to for guidance and support.

Rebecca Stockert ’08, M’13
Professional artist and adjunct instructor

Students in group doing a critique.

Work with and Among Artists

You’ll work one-on-one with USF’s professional faculty (link to faculty) — all of whom create, exhibit, or write about art in the professional arena. Their expertise and connections to galleries and museums around the word bring added value to your USF experience.

In addition, you’ll connect with professional visiting artists through

  • Workshops & presentations
  • Exhibitions — we have 5 galleries on campus!
  • Group critiques, and more

Get in the Studio

Students have access to our fully-equipped studios.

Poised for a Life in Art

The M.A. in Studio Art will prepare you for an MFA program or a career as an independent artist, an adjunct professor, and numerous positions in galleries, museums, schools, and non- profit organizations.

Ready to start?

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Program Director

Monika Meler, MFA
260-399-7700 ext. 8015