Why Study Sociology and Social Justice?

Do you enjoy conversations about social institutions like class and race? Do you want to help, and make things better, by working to solve social inequality problems? Study sociology.

USF Sociology students study social interactions and human relationships – in every class, and through the filter of their own personal lives. Every class and interaction helps you solidify the skills you’ll need to work as a professional sociologist.

But, is it right for me?

We asked our professors and they said Sociology and Social Justice majors are:

  • Curious and open to new ideas and people
  • Detail-oriented
  • Respectful and hard-working
  • Eager to help others

Skills You'll Obtain

Research and theorize about social issues

Collect information through surveys, observations, and interviews

Cleary and precisely present new ideas to solve identified issues

Sociologists have the power to change the world by changing the unseen forces that shape human being’s lives.Dr. David Mullins, Associate Professor

After Graduation

Sociology and Social Justice majors come to USF with a passion for justice, and graduate with the skills and knowledge to make the society better and more just. Some notable sociologists include Ronald Regan, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Lady Gaga, who studies the sociology of celebrity, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Michelle Obama. The American Sociological Association has a great list of other famous sociology majors.

Types of careers you may have after you graduate include:

  • Government Research Analyst
  • Community Activist
  • Case Manager
  • Director of a charity
  • Professor
  • Environmentalist