Why pursue Science and Entrepreneurship?

Success in the business or science worlds requires a broad foundation. The USF Science and Entrepreneurship degree provides you with the scientific knowledge and language needed to succeed in the field, while giving you a fundamental understanding of business and marketing. Today’s work force is looking for scientists that can not only do the scientific work, but can also sell and manage it. Alternatively, in the field of business someone who can not only speak the language of scientists but also understand them will build fruitful connections within the scientific community.

But, is it right for me?

Important traits in this field

  • Creative
  • Enjoy science
  • Business-oriented
  • Wants to work in both business and science

Skills You'll Obtain

Scientific knowledge and laboratory skills

Marketing acumen

Increased creativity

After Graduation

A Broad Range of Careers Awaits You. Recent Science and Entrepreneurship grads are working in these fields:


  • Dental Insurance Sales
  • Agricultural Business
  • Automobile Sales