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School and Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

School Counseling Student Brooke studying.

The integration of faith and reason is at the heart of USF’s doctoral program, the first and only PsyD in Indiana’s northeast.

Why Earn a PsyD?

School psychologists work with children and teens in a variety of settings to address academic, social and emotional needs — and, according to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), districts and communities across the nation are in the midst of a significant shortage.

Earning a doctoral degree in school and clinical psychology advances your education and clinical training, and also expands your career opportunities and scope of practice. In Indiana, for instance, the PsyD offers you the ability to become licensed for private practice.

Why Earn Your PsyD in Indiana?

Indiana’s demand for school psychologists is expected to increase by 25% through 2028, higher than the national average. Northeast Indiana is home to 43 public school districts and 13 special services planning districts, including the largest school district in the state. Within Allen County, more than 54,000 students attend 83 schools.

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Career Outlook & Success


Median annual salary for school psychologists (U.S. News & World Report, 2020)


Best social services job (U.S. News & World Report, 2020)


growth between now and 2029 (BLS)

Why USF for Your PsyD?

The University of Saint Francis offers future mental health professionals a clear path from undergraduate to PsyD, all at one school. Our doctoral program in School and Clinical Psychology, the only one of its kind in northeast Indiana, is built on a long-standing tradition of excellence in health professions education.

Convenient, Flexible Schedule
Designed for practicing clinicians, courses are available during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Areas of Specialization
With guidance from your doctoral advisor, you will pursue an area of emphasis that reflects your professional goals and interests. Possible practice areas include:

  • Rehabilitation and Disability Services
  • School Mental Health Services
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Values-Based Education
Our PsyD is rooted in Franciscan values. We empower, encourage and educate our doctoral students to be bold in their social justice and advocacy, inspirational in their dedication to students and clients, and exceptional in their knowledge and skills as mental health professionals.

The Scholar-Practitioner Experience: Hands-On, Experiential Learning

USF’s School and Clinical Psychology PsyD program adopts the scholar-practitioner model, which means your coursework, practical experiences and doctoral project focus on applied and clinical skills, and not only research.

Your doctoral work will give you more than 800 hours of practicum experience in clinical practice and supervision.

Facilities and Faculty

Between the Department of Psychology and Counseling and USF’s Vann Library, doctoral students will have access to:

  • comfortable interview rooms with audio/video capability
  • modern computer labs equipped to support research and data analysis
  • Industry-standard software, such as SPSS and test-scoring programs
  • plentiful test and assessment manuals and materials available for loan

USF’s faculty includes licensed psychologists and school psychologists.

During one of my practicums, I had the opportunity to work with underrepresented minorities within a juvenile center. I was able to learn about their experiences, see how they view the world, and expand my own knowledge on diversity. When I entered into the schools as an intern, I was able to use that experience to help guide me.

Kelly Frederick MS ’20
School Psychology major

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What Can You Do With a Degree in School Psychology?

According to NASP, about 80% of school psychologists work in public school settings. Other locations include:

  • Private schools
  • Community agencies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Correctional facilities

Earning a doctoral degree in school psychology allows you to practice as an administrator as well.

What’s the Difference Between School Counseling and School Psychology?

Although school counselor and school psychologist sound similar, these are two distinct fields and professions.

School counselors are experts in student planning, responsive services, academic achievement, career development and social/emotional development. They typically work within a single school.

School psychologists are experts in child development; cognitive, behavioral and personality assessments; and education interventions. They typically work for agencies or cooperatives that service multiple school districts, as well as private and parochial schools within the same region.


The PsyD program is aligned with the standards set forth by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). The University of Saint Francis is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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