Why Study pre-veterinary medicine at USF?

The pre-veterinary medicine program will prepare you to enter veterinary school upon graduation. This academically challenging program will provide you with a strong academic background in biology, chemistry and math. These competencies will be essential in order to make it through the highly competitive admittance process into veterinary school. Obtaining your Bachelor of Science in Biology through the pre-veterinary medicine program at USF will prepare you to help the animals you love and effectively communicate with their owners when you become a veterinarian.

USF had everything I needed, and I got a much closer education. I knew them, they knew me and the instruction was one-to-one.– Dr. Theresa Schenkel, DVM

After Graduation

With a pre-veterinary medicine Biology degree, you will be qualified to attend veterinarian school and ultimately become a licensed veterinarian.

Your Bachelor of Science in Biology will allow you to pursue other fields including:

  • Marine Biology
  • Ecology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Zoology