Why Study Pre-Art Therapy?

If you want to use your art to help people, you should study Pre-Art Therapy. USF’s program is career-focused, and designed to help you successfully start the master’s degree you’ll need in order to become a certified art therapist.

On campus, you’ll be surrounded by people living the Franciscan Values. You’ll get constant support while you to learn to take care of others, advocate for their benefit, and help them live better lives.

But, is it right for me?

We asked our professors and they said pre-art therapy students:

  • Have compassion for other people
  • Think creatively to solve problems
  • Can work together in groups or one-on-one

Skills You'll Obtain

Master technical skills while applying the principles of visual art and design

Recognize and respect people’s individual differences

Gain a theoretical foundation in cognitive and developmental psychology

The Pre-Art Therapy program has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of helping others. This program has given me plentiful and amazing opportunities to be involved in hands on work within the community which has ensured and promoted my interest in the field of Art Therapy.– Mackenzie Lepper, Current Student

After Graduation

To practice as a certified art therapist, you’ll need to earn a Master of Arts in Art Therapy. USF’s program will get you to that career, and you’ll have several options when you’re ready to get started, such as working in private practice, community non-profits, hospitals, and in education.

Art therapy is practiced in:

  • Mental health and Rehabilitation centers
  • Medical, clinics, crisis and wellness centers
  • senior and veteran communities
  • juvenile and correctional institutions
  • educational and forensic settings