Why Physical Therapist Assistant Studies?

Physical Therapist Assistants help people recover from injuries and illness. If you want to be help people, improve their quality of life, and work one-on-one in the healthcare industry, study to be a Physical Therapist Assistant.

USF’s Physical Therapist Assistant majors learn through hands-on training in our on-campus labs. We have the labs on campus, so you never have to fight hospital schedules, and you have constant support while you learn.

But, is it right for me?

We asked our professors and they said physical therapist assistants:

  • Work well with others
  • Are dexterous and physically fit
  • Are compassionate and friendly

Skills You'll Obtain

Help patients do specific exercises, sometimes with specialized equipment

Promote function, health, and wellness

Use anatomy and medical knowledge to address patients’ clinical problems

Through authentic and realistic experiences set up in USF’s simulation and Physical Therapist Assistant labs, you will experience clinical challenges and perform appropriate interventions in a structured and supportive environment.– Mary Kay Solon, PTA Program Chair

What makes the program special?

The USF Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program is a long-established and well-equipped program with experienced faculty. A variety of clinical sites and therapy experts in the region provide excellent instruction and experiences in cutting-edge physical therapy care for movement rehabilitation, wellness and prevention. The PTA program provides a holistic approach to the pathology and management of illness and diseases that impact movement and function.

After Graduation

Licensed physical therapist  assistants work under the direction and supervision of licensed physical therapists and, for the most part, in hospitals, outpatient settings, nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities, the school setting and home care.

We have graduates working at:

  • Dekalb Health
  • Healthcare Therapy Services
  • Integrity Physical Therapy
  • Kingston Care Center
  • The Orthopedic Hospital
  • Parkview Health
  • Therapyone
  • University of Wisconsin Hospital