Liberal Studies (AA, BA)

Student working on a lab for chemistry.

No two students are alike! Our Liberal Studies program is perfect for independent-minded students who want a customized experience and degree. Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or want a broad foundation, you will be prepared for graduate school or to launch your dream career.

How? The program’s blend of freedom, opportunity, and support will enable you to:

  • Build a major that matches your goals, or
  • Explore options, discover potential careers, and then build a customized major

Either way, you will develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to work in the field of your choice.

How it Works

The curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach, meaning you cans elect from a vast range of programs and classes. Liberal Studies majors design their own program by selecting three areas of concentration from the university’s full list of programs.

For example, if you want to be a wildlife photographer for the National Geographic Society, you can take courses in ecology, zoology, and photography. Professors from all disciplines will work together to give you maximum opportunity, via internships, professional connections, and skill development.

A Writing Intensive (LIBS 390) helps you research careers within your field of interest, and the senior Capstone (LIBS 410) lets you integrate your studies into research or practical projects, making you even more career-ready!

Academic Plan

An academic plan is a general blueprint showing how one might complete the degree, semester by semester.

Professor Miller teaching a communication class.

Guidance and Support

Not only will you learn from highly-qualified faculty (experts in their disciplines!), but you’ll be guided by a faculty advisor who will:

  • Help you develop your specific academic plan
  • Advise you on supplemental disciplines and career options
  • Connect you to hands-on learning opportunities — in the community and on campus
  • Write graduate school and professional recommendations

Real-World Learning is key! You can complete an internship in a variety of settings. Liberal Studies students have interned at

  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Fitness Centers
  • Minor League Sports Teams
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Area Businesses, and more


You’ll be enriched by the university’s Franciscan Values and commitment to service. Participation in class and club projects will build your connection to both the campus and outer communities. You will not only contribute to societal needs, but you’ll come to be known by business and community leaders who often mentor USF students.

Ready to start?

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