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Think History is only about the past? Not here: USF’s History program offers a detailed examination of the past as a way to understand the complexities of the present and the possibilities of the future. Our curriculum digs deep to tackle pressing issues, including:

  • The promotion of peace and justice in the face of intolerance and persecution
  • The stewardship of natural resources
  • The dignity of each person in a historic and global context

Benefit from Small Classes, Personalized Attention…

I transferred from a large university because I didn’t want to be in huge classes where the professor didn’t even know my name. Coming to USF made a world of difference! I get great advice and guidance from Dr. Jackisch. For example, he referred me to a History alum working at the ACD Museum, which led to a paid internship. I don’t think those same opportunities exist at big schools.

Sydney Shuherk ’19
History major

…And Expert Faculty

Each USF History professor  studies a unique discipline. This allows us to teach a wide variety of History classes, such as American Environmental History, The Cold War, Ancient Egypt, and World War II.

Develop Skills for a Lifetime

Our History curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts meaning you will graduate with skills employers seek most: critical thinking skills, oral and written communication skills, the ability to collaborate and work as a member of a team.

Core History courses  offer a geographic or thematic (social, cultural, political history) focus.

Academic Plan

An academic plan is a general blueprint showing how one might complete the degree, semester by semester.

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Connect with the World


History majors have access to great Internships, which can lead to full time employment. Recent examples include:

  • Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
  • Fort Wayne Metals
  • Fort Wayne History Center
  • Fort Wayne Aviation Museum
  • Allen County Fort Wayne Historical Society

Study Abroad

Madeleine Richey ’16 went to Uganda to study its history and to volunteer:

I told my professors that I wanted to study and work abroad, but still wanted to graduate on time. They helped me create an independent study and helped me find online courses that kept me on track.

Meet Professionals

Our annual History Speaker Series features speakers from a variety of fields. Past speakers

  • Chris May, executive director of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Museum: “Hoosier Hoops: Indiana and the History of Basketball”
  • Sergei Zhuk, Professor of Russian History at Ball State University: “Post-Soviet Lessons of The Russian Revolution: 100 Years Later”
  • Dani Tippmann, Miami Native American: “Miami: A People WITH a Past, Not OF the Past”
  • Mark Roseman, professor of History at Indiana University: “The Wannsee Conference and the Holocaust 75 Years On”

Career Outlook & Success


Expected job growth for curators, archivists, and museum workers by 2026


Median pay (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

USF History alumni work as curators, archivists, content specialists, teachers, and more, in a variety of settings, including:

  • Local, state, and national government
  • Corporations
  • Law offices
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • History centers
  • Schools

Many pursue graduate degrees at Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State University, Ohio State University, and Bowling Green State University.

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Program Director

Barry Jackisch, Ph.D.
260-399-7700 ext. 8131