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English majors are master communicators, and the skills you’ll learn in our English program will never lose value. From careers in advertising or education to business and law, English majors think critically and creatively — and are essential assets in a variety of fields.

At USF, you’ll read great literature with dedicated scholars who are ready to help you find connections between the books you love and contemporary issues and concerns.

You’ll graduate with the skills employers find essential, including the ability to:

  • Think critically
  • Understand other perspectives
  • Research and assess information
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral forms
  • Adapt to changing circumstances

Academic Plan

An academic plan is a general blueprint showing how one might complete the degree, semester by semester.

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Our comprehensive curriculum offers an exceptional array of classes that speak to our contemporary moment. Some favorite courses include:

  • Feminist Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Literature and the Natural Environment
  • The Rhetoric of Social Protest

In a typical English program, the focus is on the past. We do that, too, but with a keen eye toward the future. USF offers a contemporary perspective and that helps our students connect the study of English to current opportunities.

Weston Cutter, MFA
Director and Associate Professor of English

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Serving the Greater Good

Service work is a core component embedded throughout the English program and university. For example, students enrolled in the Marginalized Voices course completed a service learning project that focused on domestic abuse. They worked with The Center for Nonviolence and the YWCA, where they interviewed clients and presented their stories.

After graduating with an English degree from USF, Jason taught in Chicago with Teach for America.

On-Campus Publications

Develop your skills by writing for USF’s literary journal, The Sullivan.

I learned at USF that education is the greatest means we have for creating equality and opportunity.

Jason Beer ’07
Teacher at Southwest Allen County Schools

Building Experience and Connections

Internships: Though not required, we help students find internships that fit their interests. Recent examples include:

  • Acres Land Trust
  • Das Fort
  • Input Fort Wayne

Meet and Learn from Professionals

Our Visiting Authors Series will bring you into contact with renowned writers. Recent visiting authors include Lindsay Hunter, Alissa Nutting, Ross Gay, Adrian Matejka, Matt Hart, Kaveh Akbar, and Chris Bacheldor.

Career Outlook & Success


Median pay for technical writers per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


expected job growth for technical writers by 2026


Median pay for writers and authors

Career Outlook and Success

Our English degree will prepare you for a variety of careers in writing, editing, business, library science, journalism, mass communications, public relations, civil service, human resources and administration.

According to a Washington Post article, English majors ages 25 to 29 had a lower unemployment rate in 2017 than math and computer science majors.

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