Why Study Elementary Education at USF?

A bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Saint Francis will prepare you for a career working with students in authentic and powerful environments. As you begin to understand innovative ways to address the needs of all students across many subject areas, you will gain the ability to create personalized and active learning environments. If you desire a career with a strong sense of purpose, becoming an elementary school teacher will provide you with a very rewarding future.

Skills You'll Obtain

Incorporate technology integration in the classroom

Assess students

Think critically and solve problems

After Graduation

As a graduate of USF’s Elementary Education program, you will be able to work in virtually any school district or private or parochial school in the region. You’ll also be prepared to pursue advanced education degrees, such as a master’s degree in School Counseling.

We currently have alumni teaching and working in:

  • Schools nationwide and overseas
  • Private schools
  • Department of Defense schools
  • Non-profit organization
  • Medical facilities