Why Study Clinical Laboratory Science?

Do you want to help people while you solve puzzles and play with technology? Would you consider yourself curious about the way things work? If so, you’d find a Clinical Laboratory Science degree interesting and personally rewarding.

For three years, USF’s professors will help you build an intensive knowledge of biology, chemistry, and lab procedures. Your entire fourth year, you’ll work in an active hospital lab setting completing the actual lab procedures used to treat and monitor patients.

But, is it right for me?

We asked our professors and they said clinical lab science technicians:

  • Have keen observation skills and are detail oriented
  • Enjoy learning new technology
  • Have good physical stamina as most of the work in the lab happens on your feet

Skills You'll Obtain

Ability to perform a wide range of medical tests

Operate modern laboratory equipment, such as microscopes and cell counters

Log medical test data